Green, Blue, Black & Double Black Diamond trails

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There are 4 main trail markings that you may come across when riding in the bush, these are:

  1. Green trails

Green trails are generally the easiest single-track trails that you can find at a bike park. These are made for beginner riders, young riders, or seasoned riders who want an easy roll up or down the hill. These trails are usually quite wide, consist of very few intimidating obstacles. Green trails may contain some loose sections but nothing too crazy.

  1. Blue trails 

Blue trails are intermediate trails, they are made for the average rider who is looking for a bit more of a challenge, blue trails are generally known as Cross Country trails. You’ll find the bulk of a lot of people riding on both green and blue trails. These will always be the busiest.

  1. Black diamond & Double black diamond

Black & double black diamond trails are for the advanced riders, the skill level for black trails varies greatly depending on where you’re riding. Mostly black trails are very skinny, steep and consisting of big jumps, steep savage rock gardens and loose off-camber corners.

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