Preparing for a ride

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Preparing for a mountain bike ride has three basic principles. Preparation of gear, preparation of bike, and a good attitude.

Preparing your gear:

  • Jersey/ shirt & undershirts if needed
  • Shorts/ bib knicks 
  • Helmet
  • Mtb shoes & socks
  • Body protection & gloves
  • Multi-tool, Co2, tube and chain links
  • Nutrition and water
  • Id, mobile phone, and money!

Preparing your bike:

  • Ensure the bike is clean. During the cleaning process check bikes for cracks and other worrying faults.
  • Ensure gears are working in a suitable manner.
  • Check tyres and tyre pressure.
  • Check brakes are working.

You’re about to go riding! Be happy, be calm. It will be fun!

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