Trail etiquette

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Trail etiquette is important for all riders to understand. Riders’ understanding of the written rules, underwritten rules, and courtesy of the trails help the whole system work together. No one likes a rider that has zero care.

Rule #n1

Don’t be a dickhead.

Rule #n2

Don’t skid all over the trail. Leave skidding alone unless you built the trail.

Rule #n3

Give way to all riders going uphill, unless the rider going downhill is on a technical feature or obviously can’t stop.

Rule #n4

If you didn’t build the trail, don’t attempt to fix it without the correct authority. It’s just annoying.

Rule #n5

Don’t do intervals on popular trails or at super busy times.

Rule #n6

Give way to walkers & horse riders on multiuse trails.

Rule #n7 

If a trail is one-directional, stick to the given direction.

Rule #n8

Don’t pressure or be aggressive towards a slower rider

Rule #n9 

Don’t hate on E-bikes. They are cool too.

Rule #n10

If you build a trail near a bike park, expect it to be taken down because the council is annoying.

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