Coaching and it’s benefits

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Somewhere early on in your cycling career, you will find the inspiration to take your riding further. The idea of getting coached will come up, fortunately for you, there are many coaches to suit all disciplines of any level cyclist! Some coaches focus on skill work, some mainly focus on fitness, some do both, some are interactive in real life, some coaches are completely online! It’s all up to you and your personal preferences.

Firstly, online personally tailored coaching programs are the most popular, they are relatively cheaper than in-person coaching. Online coaching is generally the most beneficial for time constricted riders as coaches set daily workouts tailored to your schedule, goals, and strengths and weaknesses. These can be completed on wind-trainer, road, or MTB.

The second style of coaching that riders may be introduced to is personal 1on1 coaching sessions, this type of training is more suited towards the MTB crowd as it involves skills and positioning on the bike. If you’re riding road then this isn’t really for you.

Gym benefits – being a road rider is not all about bulk muscle and hitting the gym five times a week, although you need to keep your core engaged a gym membership isn’t really needed. Core workouts at home will do suffice. 

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