Dealing with crashes

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As a part of racing your road bike, you must be prepared both physically and mentally for the possibility of crashing, although mostly in good racing groups crashing is rather rare. Crashing can be due to a multitude of reasons such as wet weather racing, inexperience, stupidity in the riding field, and mechanical issues and distractions. Most of the crashes caused in the lower graded races are due to a lack of experience and distraction. Newer riders don’t have the same reflexes and awareness as seasoned A/ B grade riders, rightfully so. I’m not going to get into different types of crashing here, but I will explain how you can better deal with the after-effects of a crash.

First off, directly after the crash if you have any more than a few cuts and grazes then you must go see a doctor or medical expert. If there are any scrapes on your helmet than that could lead to more serious issues, so be aware. Be sure to take crashing very seriously. After you have cleared yourself off, or after you have received medical treatment for any more serious injuries, you need to take some time off the bike, the doctor will obviously give you a set time which should be followed. I have learned the hard way about jumping back on the bike the next day… I crashed again. Not fun. When you can eventually get back on the bike it might take a bit of riding and racing to get back to your original confidence, some people can find it really hard to build their confidence back, but the best way to do this is to get back racing as soon as it is fine to do so, the only way to get rid of your fears is to face them!

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