How to get started in road cycling

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Road cycling is possibly the easiest discipline of cycling to get started in comparison to MTB or other off-road disciplines. This due to the sheer simplicity of road cycling! Unlike MTB, there are not as many variables to learning to ride, no mud, and dirt to deal with and not as much thrashing on the bike. So road bikes generally require less maintenance (depending on how much cycling you do). Road cycling is very affordable and easy to learn. Basically, all you need is a trusty road bike, a helmet (AUS standards), shoes, exercise clothes, a water bottle, and a positive attitude.

Road cycling is best done with friends.  so head down to your LBS (local bike shop) as they will likely have weekly group rides and social events where you will meet like-minded people.

Having a strong connection to your local bike shop doesn’t just give you a group to ride with, it also gives a stronger connection with the shop. Most often well-liked and loyal customers are given benefits and discounts from the shop. Say when you purchase a bike they may throw in a free bike fit or lower the cost of some added accessories that you want to purchase.

The best option for starting off in road cycling is to use a bike you currently own, borrow a bike, or buy a cheap one. Grab some sneakers and ride for a month. Reassess after this. Ask yourself: Did you like riding? What were your strengths? What were your weaknesses? What did you like most? What did you find scary? List all these things, write them down and come to a conclusion on whether you want to keep riding. If you do want to keep riding, how much money you’re willing to invest in a bike and kit? Once you’ve figured out these key factors and have some available money to use, it’s time to head done to the bike shop and discuss your best options for a bike and kit. 

Remember that the money spent on a good reliable bike and riding equipment is money very well spent.  Cycling is not only fun but it also keeps you healthy both physically and mentally. Not only that, but cycling also keeps you active, social, and fit. As well as this, cycling will teach you some very important skills and attributes such as grit, determination, forward-thinking, awareness, and being rationally minded. Cycling outside teaches you better road skills which are perfect for racing if you decide to try that out. So get out there and give it go!

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