Juniors and racing

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The Aussie cycling community has a very big focus on encouraging juniors to participate in road racing. Younger juniors are usually put into track cycling. Track cycling is where riders race/ train on a velodrome. It is a much safer alternative to road training for younger juniors as they often lose concentration and get distracted much easier than teenagers and adults. The repercussions of crashing on the velodrome are much lower than that on the road as other cars and trucks can be involved. 

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the topic of juniors racing in open grading club events. Some riders believe that it isn’t safe to have a mixture of inexperienced fast juniors racing with more experienced slower masters riders and the in-betweens. This is due to juniors getting distracted easier, partially why clubs often create specific grades designed for juniors only, the only problem with this is the anomalies who have the strength of a fully grown man. I’ve seen a few of them around don’t you worry! In order to help juniors succeed and be prepared for the future of racing, they need to be exposed to this sort of intensive group racing as it is the best way to learn and adapt to become a better rider. 

Some measures that clubs put in place to encourage the juniors towards success are junior only categories that cater to the majority of the junior crowd. Some clubs offer very high profile junior group riding, skills, and racing sessions in order to help practice certain skills & techniques for group riding that they can implement in their racing.

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