Long ride essentials

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Riding far out of town can be a daunting thought for a lot of beginner & intermediate and even for some more advanced riders, it requires a great sense of direction, preparedness, decisive decision making, and most importantly common sense.

While most of these elements are developed by experience, we have helped your process by developing a list of long ride essentials to help ensure your preparedness for riding out in remote locations.


2x tubes

2x Co2 cartridges & Co2 head

A multitool (array of hex and Torx keys, chain breaker to name a few)

Tire levers

Emergency patch kit

Quick links (specific to your chain)

Small spoke wrench to fit your nipple size 


1 gel & 1 bar per hour (Megabake bars and Torq/ Gu Gels work well together!)

1 bottle per hour, carry 2-3 bottles make sure to fill up when you can (plan in advance!)

Electrolyte mix that is optimized for endurance

Gu chews, these are a lifesaver after a few hours of constant riding


Bike prep

Wash bike thoroughly, wheels out, and remove all dirt, dust, and excess grease from the frame and drive train.

Index gears, check Derailer and hanger is straight

Check tyres are fresh

Check that spokes are all secure (no loose spokes)

Check your cable condition, worn out or rusted? I’d probably replace them.

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