What to look for in a road bike

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So you’ve committed to starting out in the fabulous sport of road cycling! First things first, you need to purchase a bike or if you already have one that you’re comfortable with, use that.  

Some things to look out for with a new road bike:

  1. Newer, modern road bikes will come with disc brakes usually, these are an awesome option for wet weather riding and are all-round more powerful than a standard rim-brake road bike.
  2. 11s gearing is almost standard on every normal road bike sold in store. If the bike you’re looking for has a 10 speed system, then maybe it’s too old. Try looking at newer options.
  3. Being aware if it is new or an ex-demo bike. Shops sell their ex-demo bikes at a discounted price from the brand new counterparts, which often will give more value to the deal. 
  4. Geometry-wise, you want to make sure that the bike being purchased will fit you. An ill-fitting bike is not efficient.
  5. Make sure you make use of the first initial free service that most bike shops offer.

Whatever the bike is, I’m sure that as long as it fits you right and is in good working order that it will be more than enjoyable out on the road.

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