Essential gear to take

When deciding on the gear you take, be sure to weigh up the pros and cons of packing light or packing comfortable. Packing light makes the ride easier and more enjoyable, but packing light also means you may lack some extra luxuries. Our advice? Pack smartly. Do you really need two raincoats? How about saying no to that extra bottle of shampoo? But never say no to the bottle of Moccona coffee. You’ll need that. Trust me. 

Basically, what I’m trying to say is pack smart, limit the number of unnecessary items you have and only take what you think you need. Check out our “essential gear packing guide” for our list of what you will want. The worst thing you can do is go out and spending $3k on gear that you may not need before your first ever trip. Rookie error bro… 

Moving onto riding gear, you will need to pack an extra kit or two depending on the number of days you’re traveling. Always ensure that you enough packed to suit different weather conditions that can head your way. Obviously, if it’s overcast and rainy, don’t take your summer riding gear! 

On a smaller, single night, two-day trip, you can get away with one riding kit and a rain jacket most likely. But for a longer trip, you will need to be more prepared for possible changes in weather conditions. So, packing extra wet weather gear is vital. This will require you to bring more riding gear as well, try and aim for one kit for every two days of riding. This ensures that the kit and you stay hygienic. Some riders opt for washing their kits during the night ready for the next day, but this will only work if you’re in dry and hot conditions… duh. 

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