Trailside repair kit

Essential trailside repair kit

We’ve all been there… bombing down our favorite road or climbing up that nasty hill, and bang, there goes your chain. When riding out in remote areas, it is vital that you have the right equipment and tools to fix the most common issues that you could get stuck in. We firmly believe that the right tools brought on your adventure can get you out of basically any situation.


Here is our choice of essential tools to bring with you:

       A stash of rubber bands

       Dynaplug tubeless kit

       Two spare tubeless valves and inner cores

       Valve core extractor tool

       Two heavy-duty tyre leavers

       2-3 inner tubes (packed down tightly)

       Spare length of chain (relative to the chain you’re running)

       Wet chain lube (small bottle)


       Heavy-duty tape (electrical usually does the job)

       2x Brake & gear cable

       150mL of extra tubeless sealant

       A small amount of thin rope

       4, 5 and 6mm individual Allen keys

       Spare set of brake pads

       2-3 spare spokes

       Multi-tool with a large array of different tools on it

       Small bag of spare bolts

       Zip ties of different sizes

       Mini tub of bike grease

       Mini pump of high quality

       Spare pair of cleats

       Quick links

       Presta valve adapter

       Spare derailleur hanger

       Small spray bottle of degreaser

       Spare nipples

       Tri ended spoke wrench

       3 co2 cartridges and co2 head

       T25 individual key

       Chain breaker tool

       Small folding pocketknife

-Brake Pads

  I know what you’re thinking, “Jesus, that’s a lot of tools and potentially a lot of money”, but I assure you after breaking it all down, most of these items can be found lying around or for good prices on Pushys. If your tool kit looks anything like this, it will get you out of basically any situation you will find yourself in when out in the bushland.

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