A long term review of Bro Bike pads

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The New Zealand brake pad company, BroBike have been working wonders over the last few years, developing what we believe as the best value pads on the market. A standard set of Bro Bike pads costs similar to a nice smoothie these days. Bro Bike sent us over a set of their BR5’s, which we’ve been running for the past few months.



The Bro Bike pads have been subject to all sorts of wet, dry, dusty, and muddy conditions that you would expect in Australia. The pads have shown no-fault what-so-ever, and have proven to be more durable than my previous Shimano Ko3Ti pads.




Braking power and modulation:


The Bro Bike pads have proved to have some really impressive stopping power. These pads have been taken down some pretty serious and daunting fire roads and have shown their excellence with brake modulation around tighter corners and stopping power when experiencing close calls with unseen gates 😉





Overall the BroBike brake pads offer extremely good value for around AU$15, head over to https://brobike.co.nz/ to check them out for yourself. Also, check out @cycleaus1 on Instagram to enter our competition for your chance to win some pads of your own!