Author: Max Hobson

Brake pad review

There’s nothing like a week of wet weather to make a cyclist think about their brake pads (or lack of them)!

We recently tested BroBike brake pads – check it out

New Zealand brake pad company, BroBike have been nailing it over the last few years and developed what we think are one of the best value pads on the market. They sent us over a set of their BR5’s and we’ve been running them for the past few months.

Our Bro Bike pads have been exposed to everything….wet, dry, dusty, muddy conditions – typical of what you would expect in Australia. We have hit them with lots of long rides and short fast ones and they have not faulted and not let us down. They have actually proven to be more durable than Shimano Ko3Ti pads.

It’s now been several months of heavy riding on these pads (including in this week’s heavy rain) and they’re still going strong. This demonstrates the durability and longevity of these brake pads. They are suitable for any type of MTB riding even marathon or long distance endurance.

Braking power:

The Bro Bike pads have proved to have really impressive stopping power. These pads have travelled down some pretty serious and daunting fire roads and they’ve shown excellent stopping power (with some last minute gate stops thrown in too!). We found they also have good brake modulation.

And the best bit? A standard set of Bro Bike pads will set you back about the cost of a smoothie from your favourite cafe.


Overall the BroBike brake pads offer extremely good value for around AU$15! We would highly recommend you trying them out!