Author: Max Hobson

Don’t ignore Instagram ads!

My two cents is that cycling companies currently running ads, should be running campaigns on both platforms. Diversifying your businesses’s ad exposure is a key step for increasing its online presence.

It’s a very simple process to start running Instagram ads. All you need is an Instagram account and a small budget to start off with. Instagram ads are easy to set-up, either from the Facebook ad manager or the Instagram app.

The demographics of both platforms suggests that Instagram is more dominated by a younger audience under 30 years of age. Whereas Facebook is more popular with the 25-50 year age group.


Make sure to adjust your ads to suit the demographics of each audience on both platforms. Due to Instagram skewing more towards the younger crowd, it is best to make your post interactive and trendy. Whereas Facebook skews towards the older crowd, it’ll be best off creating an easy to understand, information/ knowledge driven advert.

Remember that using paid advertising is not the only way to advertise your business and boost awareness or sales. There are also free ways to advertise your business.

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