Author: Max Hobson

Finding new MTB trails/ locations

So you’ve reached that point in every riders career. You feel bored, what other trails are there to ride around where I live? Well good news for you, we have devised a list for our top ways of finding & exploring uncharted MTB trails!

  1. Strava heat maps

Strava heat maps are a life saver. This feature gives you the ability to view a global map that shows ‘heat’ by rides ridden in a particular location. This comes in handy when you’re trying to scout out new trails near you!

  1. Get in the know; Facebook MTB groups

Join your local MTB networks facebook group. These groups usually host 100’s of riders who post, chat and organise rides locally! This gives you the perfect opportunity to meet new riding buddies as well as riding new trails!

  1. Go out & ride old trails

Haven’t ridden a certain trail network in a while? Go out and give it another crack! You never know if the local trail care has re-amped it or even added a few new trails. This can be a nice surprise.

  1. Ask your local bike shop

Sometimes the best knowledge comes from your local bike shop. Make sure you pop in & ask around, bike shop workers love talking about their favourite trails. Trust me ;).

These are my favourite ways of beating MTB trail boredom, feel free to share yours with us!