Author: Max Hobson

The future of Facebook ads & the cycling industry

As you may know, Facebook and the Australian government have recently not been on the best of terms.

To keep it short, Facebook made a sudden decision to disallow all news content from being viewed by people in Australia as a reaction to the Australian Government’s decision to pass a new law to make Facebook pay Australian media news outlets for  their news content.

Yesterday, Facebook changed its stance with Australia and is now willing to negotiate and pay for its Australian news content.

What does this mean for anyone in the cycling industry currently using Facebook Ads?

For the most part it really shouldn’t affect the cycling industry, however, like every business should be doing, you need to be aware of what news is trending and how it could affect your business. You also need to stay on top of current and trending online & digital marketing strategies so you can jump in and take advantage of the best times to advertise or raise awareness in your targeted audiences.

Every business needs the ability to adapt to different platforms as the Facebook issue demonstrated.

Although Facebook showed that it will flex its muscle and take on the big guns, we in the cycling industry shouldn’t be worrying at this current point in time